See the Badu® SwimJet Systems in Action!


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The Badu® SwimJet Systems from Speck Pumps are designed for installation during the construction of your pool to create a water treadmill for anyone wanting therapeutic and effective exercise.

The Badu® SwimJet Systems can be installed in any type pool, large or small, from gunite to vinyl liner. It has no protruding parts ensuring pool user's safety, is very compact and installs at minimal cost.

The self-contained, flush-mounted unit is a jet-propulsion system that pumps water into the pool creating a current in excess of 5,000 gallons per minute from a single recessed jet housing.

Topping off the experience is the pulsating massage hose which can be attached to the jet nozzles for easy and convenient massage treatments for
joints and muscles.

Be sure to ask your pool builder to install a Badu® SwimJet System in your new pool and check out the video demonstration.



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Consult your physician before attempting any strenuous exercise. This product may not be challenging for all levels of exercise.

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