To order a Badu® SwimJet System for new in-ground pools or for those pools undergoing major renovation, please contact your local Pool Builder.

The suggested list price for the Badu®Jet Super Sport Jet system is $6,379.00*. The system includes Dual Nozzle Jet Housing, 4 HP Pump Model 21-80/33GS, Control box with GFCI and a Massage Hose with Pulsator.

The suggested list price for the Badu®Stream II Package A is $4,359.00*. The system includes two Badu®Stream Jet Housings with Adjustable Flow Nozzles, one 4 HP Pump Model
21-80/33GS, and a Control Box with GFCI.


*Price does not include installation


Free Badu® SwimJet video footage.

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Consult your physician before attempting any strenuous exercise. This product may not be challenging for all levels of exercise.

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